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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Glove and blanket :)

I forgot to get pictures of the baby blanket I made for Rory and Rhianon's newest addition, Ella, but I have pictures stolen from them to show it a bit. I did garter for the border and stockinette for the middle, although mostly the pictures show the WS.

And I finally decided to give in and post pics of my one glove. It's not looking hot that I'll get the next one finished anytime soon. It turned out great for a first-timer, I think. I managed to drop one stitch and not even realize it until I finished the entire glove. I went inside and stitched it up in there, but it's still noticeable as a fallen stitch. The pointer and middle fingers are a bit tight because I had a lot less stitches to work with than the pattern called for, because I have small wrists and hands. The pinky is way too big, also. But I made it through, and even the thumb looks good. :)

I'm currently working on a secret project that's a christmas gift for my mom, I've completed a couple small things for someone else in my family, and Dan's Slytherin scarf is on hold because I realized that it's nearly a foot wide when it should only be 8" and I'm lamenting frogging it.

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