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Saturday, September 8, 2007

FO's and WIP's!

All right, so school and work are killing me. But I am still trying to knit as much as I can.

Here are a couple things I've been working on!

First we have some wristbands. I took a pattern from someone on hp_knitting at Livejournal. The post is here. I used size 8 needles instead of 7 because I can't afford 7 (although I apparently will go out and buy clearance yarn I have no idea what to do with and circular needles that turn out too long but use them anyway). Because of my wrist size and the bigger needles, I cut the 40 stiches into 28. I didn't think Dan would want a Deathly Hallows wristband, so we fashioned him a serpent one. I used all 40 stitches and it ended up too big (I'm going to start on another one with a different design tonight using 36 stitches).
Dan doesn't like the shape of the snake because it looks so closely to a backwards "S" that it bothers him looking at it.
I like mine, but I need to buy Caron's Simply Soft in black; the Red Heart is too itchy for my wrist (I have picky wrists, which is why I don't wear a watch).
Next I wanted to do something bigger. I decided on a baby blanket for my Uncle Rory and his girlfriend Rhianon. Their second girl is due any day now. I decided on making up my own pattern because I didn't like any of the ones I found online. It's 86 CO stitches, 5 on each in in garter and the middle 76 in Stockinette. I'm also double-knitting it so it's thicker.

And then I got too itchy to wait anymore and decided to start knitting my practice scarf. The lavender matches me winter jacket. As I mentioned earlier, I bought circulars that are too long. I actually was able to cast on the 91 stitches recommended on atypically.net, but obviously the scarf is still going to be 12" instead of 8". Now I know better, of course. Looks like I'll have a wide AND long scarf :)

So, a picture with the piece flat... and a pic with me wearing it to show just how big around this thing is (although I DO have a small head, but still). I sarcastically myspaced it, but you can't tell because my mouth is hidden and I didn't actually want to take anymore pictures. Ha.
And finally, here's my random clearance yarn I bought that I have to figure out something to do with! Any ideas? Questions? Comments? Let me know! :)

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