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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bag for my Suzi

So, that meme thing went around where you had to make something for someone and they had to make something for you. I chose this bag simply because I immediately thought of it when my dear friend Suzi replied. Although she's trying to expand her knitting herself, she can suck it and enjoy the gift!

It was easy and fun, and in the second 2 pictures the bag is comfortably holding 2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft.

Pattern found here.

I used the first pattern, made in Caron Simply Soft on knitpicks options size 7 circulars (although the beginning was knit on size 6 DPNs because I have no 7's). In making more bags I will alter the stitches so the pattern is k5p2 instead of k5p1 because the ribbing really doesn't show, and that's rather annoying. I also knit the drawstrings in i-cord because I didn't want to just braid or twist yarn. Plus, i-cord is stretchy and durable :)

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