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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Here are a few projects I've never thrown up because I forgot to-

Ignore the HORRIBLE coloring in these pics of the bag. I made it for a friend for Christmas, and the red is actually GORGEOUS.

Pokemon wristband. I have made several of these, each a little different as I try different techniques for how to get all three colors to look nice and even together:

<3 Wristband. I thought it was cute!

A Cactuar wristband. I wanted to see how it would look to try to make one! I'd definitely not give this to anyone - it came out very large and kinda sloppy, but it was a fun experiment.

And finally, a Link KNITTED CARD I made for Courtney. It was SUPER fun. It was my first attempt at double-knitting, and I made sure to keep the two sides separate save for the edges so that I could successfully duplicate stitch it. I didn't take a pic of the inside because it wasn't as cool as the front and back of the "card."

Currently I'm working on Knive's scarf from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It's a little over 5 feet at the moment and soooo cute! ignore the ends that haven't been weaved in yet:

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