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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Legend of Zelda Scarf

I knit this on size 8 wooden circulars, CO between 60-70 stitches, not 100% sure how many, but Link is almost 30 stitches, so at minimum it's 60. I knit the scarf to about 70", and then duplicate stitched the images on. As seen from the previous post, I very heavily modified a couple charts, and I made up the Navi chart. The triforce is everywhere, so I don't feel I owe any one person credit. This was incredibly fun, and I think it turned out really good. My only real complaint is my own guage issue; otherwise, I love it and plan on wearing it all winter!

ETA January 2014: Here are several more iterations I've done of this scarf - I've improved upon the images and each is unique:

And finally, a custom LoZ from a geekster who purchased the original last year!:


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, this is beautiful! :3

Anonymous said...

good job, that take alot of time to have the pattern of the pics set up just right to match up. I can't do those I always screw up so then the pic looks wrong. Good job again.

Monica said...

Wow, that is awesome! Are you going to post the charts for Navi and the Triforce?

Leah said...

Phew! I don't check this as often as I should huh? Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

I have the charts and can email them to you if you'd like ^_^

Anonymous said...

This is amazing ^__^ I recently started to knit and I can’t wait to mix pixel art love with knitting. Could you publish the charts somewhere? —Éric

Leah said...

Hi Eric, I will post them up in a new entry!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzczt60L3l1qbg80vo1_500.jpg