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Monday, June 28, 2010

Nerdiness ahoy!

Okay, I FINALLY am able to post these pics. I made this Moogle wall hanging for Steve for his birthday, because he loved the scarf but didn't end up wearing it much this winter and therefore didn't get to show it off much. The scarf is currently acting as a decoration so we can still admire the characters. I wanted to take it a step further and simply make a knitted "poster." Here are the results:

As with the wall hanging I decided to just knit the giant square and duplicate stitch the image on. It was very time-consuming doing this, but also very rewarding. However, I didn't think ahead about the fact that I was using large needles and knitting the background loosely, so duplicate stitching wouldn't turn out as crisp and tight as I would have liked. All in all though, it came out quite nicely. I made the pattern from looking at an image of another project as there doesn't seem to be any patterns out there!
I knit it back and forth on size 9 wooden circulars so my wrists wouldn't hurt as much as the square became heavier, and i just used a needle to duplicate stitch the image.

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