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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Knitted halter

V-Neck Halter from Trendy Knit Tops by Joyce M. Wu

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in Colonial

Needle: Clover Bamboo Size 11 (8mm) circ

Notes: I did the strap in garter and omitted the crochet neckline, which effectively made it more of a scoop-neck. I've heard that learning simple crochet is easy, but it was 1am and I wanted to finish it! I plan on making another as this took me about 8 or so hours to make.

What I'll change:

  • It's too short. It seemed long enough when I compared it to regular camisoles of mine, but as it was still on the needle I couldn't try it on. I have also been thinking of undoing the cast-on and adding some length. I just need to motivate myself.

  • The ribbing sucks and is poofy. I will either change it to a 1x1 ribbing or make sure to make it tighter. If I make it longer I can try to fix the ribbing.

  • I'll probably find a better alternative to the crochet neckline or simply take the time to learn how to crochet. Depends on how impatient I'm feeling. If I learn how to crochet or decide on a neckline, I'll post pics of the edited version.

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