I've been knitting for over 6 years now, and I've gotten pretty good at it. I don't have much time for big projects, and instant gratification tries to run my life. Many of my smaller projects don't get posted because I forget, or I give the items away before a picture can be taken. Rest assured, I am always knitting something.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I was extremely proud of this project that took me hours and lots of starting over/frogging parts. That is, until I finished it and realized I had it facing the wrong direction after frogging it at some point. So I have a section that's the "wrong" side. Bah. I'm going to leave it as is because I still think it's good otherwise. I'm so slow at getting good at knitting! It's difficult to accept.The top one is the "wrong" side, the bottom the "right" side. See where it messes up? Oh, and I didn't weave the ends in yet in the picture, and the holes near the middle are actually just torn/thinned string because one of the cats decided to floss his teeth on the yarn.

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